Saturday, October 10, 2009

Season Ended

Our season ending blowout was too incredible to fully synopsize right now.

Cravings Truck had a line around the block. Cupcake Stop sold a billion cupcakes. We had a great line and everyone was in great sprits. Destination Bar had partiers wandering around with cones and booze.

I have to work all weekend... but in a few days I'll write out a proper synopsis of what really happened tonight.

Right now, on behalf of Bryan and myself: Thank you to: ANDREA, Cravings, Cupcake, Destination (Mel and Dan and Chelsea and Mason), Jose, Karen, Donny, Devin, TMT, Punky, Chrissy, Angelo, Jane W, Arnold, Cutlet, Erin Z and Serious Eats, Amy K, John T E, Kim I and Oleg and Thomas D, Jarrod and Keely, JASON O'MALLEY, Marissa R-T, the staff of Pret (17th street), Cathead Guy, QTS, Spreadshirt...

All the regulars... I'll see you in the spring...

All the tweetlings... thank you for you camaraderie. I'll still be tweeting in the off-season; you can't get rid of me!

Look at what we did to the East Village tonight! Check out the line for Cravings.


  1. This means summer is officially over. POO!

  2. Congratulations on such an amazing summer...who could have predicted how huge this would become?? Well done. :)


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