Monday, October 5, 2009

Season Ending Party - Friday Oct 9

Our last day of the season will be this Friday, Oct. 9. Bryan and I will be at Union Square during the day. At 6pm we're moving downtown for our season-ender party.

Friday, Oct. 9
Avenue A at 13th Street

Destination Bar will be our host bar. Take your sundae to them; get a shot (Jaegermeister? Bailey's?) poured over it. You really can get drunk on ice cream!

Cravings Truck will be there to make your dinner for you.

Cupcake Stop will also join us.

Early in the Summer, on one of my first nights out, I parked at 13th Street and Avenue A. I've always liked the vibe at that corner, and I liked it even more when the co-owners of recently-opened Destination Bar came out to introduce themselves. Destination Bar is good people, so I thought it would be great to head back down to that corner and close the season outside their bar. Cupcake Stop offered to make the party even better by joining us, and Cravings agreed to come down and make the dinner menu complete.

During the afternoon I'll be at my regular Union Square location. Later, from 7-9pm rain or shine we'll be at 13th and A and we hope you'll join us. This summer has been amazing in countless ways, please come celebrate the journey with us! Eat Taiwanese, have some booze at Destination Bar, ice cream for dessert, and take some cupcakes home. We'll get DJ Cutlet's BGICT song played at the bar so we can all have a group listening party.

The Phoenix is right next door to Destination Bar. If you want to take your food from Cravings there, the management has no problem with you bringing food in; I asked. Hell, if it's ok for someone to go in there and do subversive things like writing songs for Lemony Snicket, eating really can't pose a problem!


  1. Disgusting subhumans.

  2. So glad that all went well...smiles...


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