Monday, February 8, 2010

Summer 2010 update

We're being asked when the truck will be back out on the road this year.

The short answer: the truck will begin operating full-time in early June.

The long answer: we'll have a part-time schedule that should see the truck opening some time at the end of April. There is no way to set a date in stone right now because of other obligations; I have a major school deadline in April, and in May I'll be heading to Beijing for a concert. Those items will mean that the truck will have to remain part-time until I return from China. The Beijing travel dates are yet to be solidified, and once they are I'll be able to project a date that I'll be running full-time.


  1. I'll be back in NYC in April (9th-22nd) to visit, so if you could squeeze in a day then I would be thrilled (so would Gilana)!

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