Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Best. Game. Ever.

If you've got a passion for Atari 2600-quality video games you'll love this. Adult Swim is hosting an excellent game called Cream Wolf. The premise is great: serve ice cream to kids during the day and plump them up while avoiding the cops. When the full moon comes you turn into a werewolf and gobble up the kids. How delightfully stupid!

I learned of the game from a post at Serious Eats that was published by Miss Robin. I lost interest in video games when the technology advanced by 8 bit, so when something like this pops up I couldn't be happier.


  1. who ever made this up is dumb! what a dumb name for it. TO make it a little better is have it full screen and change the name for it because no body likes it. I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER<3(: he is my husband!!

  2. Hey its justin bieber. i love all my fans but especially Mattie McNair she has a great person ality and is really funny i love you baby she is my current gf.<3u(:


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