Tuesday, March 9, 2010

You're married? Well, eat your ice cream!

This is an historic day in Washington DC. Last week same-sex couples were in line to apply for marriage licenses. Their mandatory waiting period is now over, and the weddings have begun. As of the writing of this post the earth is still on the new axis created by the Chilean earthquake, and I've not heard reports that yeast has stopped making bread rise. It seems like we've got some happier, solidified families with equal rights though!

Since the weddings are beginning that means the receptions have to follow, right? I've been invited to be a guest at one of them on Thursday- it's being thrown by Ben and Jerry's. I'll make sure to grab some photos and share the fun with you. I'd heard a while ago that this might be happening- The B&J's folks were planning a celebration (this event) if all went well, or a protest if it didn't. I'm glad it worked out this way.

On Thursday morning I'll be running down to DC for the lunchtime reception and rally. I'm excited to be visiting there during this historic week. 

Also: I'm blogging/Tweeting (yadda yadda) a bit less than usual right now but it's simply because I've been laying low and getting ready for a crazy week that starts today. Tonight I've got a meeting at the Urban Justice Center with the people of The Street Vendor Project. These are the people who put on The Vendy Awards, but their higher purpose is as a support system for vendors- many of whom are immigrants and truly struggling within the city's bizarre mousetrail. The meeting is a sort of open-forum with many of your favorite food truckers present to voice opinions.

Tomorrow night I'm seeing one of my favorite bands The Magnetic Fields at Town Hall. Sadly Bryan will is about to head out of town for a business obligation so he'll be missing the show.

Thursday will be a whirlwind- down to DC for the wedding reception, a few other functions, then an overnight train to Boston so that I can be at a Friday morning rehearsal of Verdi's requiem. My lord!

Maybe I shouldn't close with this ode to marriage by The Magnetic Fields... but I am.


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  2. Do I get spare-parts spam because I have the word "truck" in the title of the blog? It's kind of funny!


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