Thursday, April 29, 2010

Things that make you say "YUM"

This Sunday we'll be at the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market 1st Gourmet Food Truck Bazaar. I swear to Godzilla that I posted something about this a few days ago, but the post seems to have been eradicated. Thanks, Blogger!

Anyhoo: besides the groovy food trucks in attendance a great reason to visit is that we are whipping up some specials with our friend Kim Ima and her rockin' Treats Truck. Here's an article in Time Out NY about the truck line up. Check out the super groovy illustration of BGICT. Time Out also ran a bit online about our team-up with Kim... the following image comes from there. Drooling yet?

Edited to add: I see where I did write about this below. I apologize for slandering Blogger, but that's what happens after a 15 hour workday- bear with me!


  1. Now that's just all kinds of wrong. Goodness now I want to stick my face in a jar of Nutella.

  2. Whoa! My old next-door neighbor's Nutella on Walker's shortbread PALES by comparison! "Here, ice-cream sandwich! Nice little ice-cream sandwich! Come to mama!"


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