Saturday, May 8, 2010

Wrap it up. Lucky Rice.

It’s been a long, long week- with lots of hard work, a great deal of fun, but no time to write blog posts describing what we’ve been up to. Rather than sum the whole week up in one post, I’ll break it down by event.

On Friday May 1st I started the work day in my usual spot at Union Square. At 3pm Bryan joined me and we closed up shop to move over to an event in Brooklyn.

Lucky Rice Festival is a celebration of Asian food in NYC. On May 1st they held their first Night Market under the Manhattan Bridge arch. Night markets are a mainstay throughout Asia- there is a carnival atmosphere, almost- all of the amazing food you can manage, gaming, and fun. I’ve been to a few- in Osaka, in Taipei, in Seoul- so I was really looking forward to this event. The vendors were assembled by star chef David Chang thus we found ourselves serving along with places like Momofuku Milk Bar, Ma Peche, and Umi Nom. How flattering!

Bryan and I took the truck over and parked, and were joined by two friends who agreed to help out for the evening. Donny and Karyn (who also assisted at the Vendy Awards) were in charge of running samples into the hands of ticket buyers for the sold-out event.

Our understanding was that we’d be in a private area (which the arch was) but we naturally couldn’t be in there with our generator running. That meant we were in public and able to serve new friends in the area. Bryan and I were pleased that we could once again put our treats into the hands of Brooklynites- it had been too long.

A quick shout-out to the girls from My Brooklyn Kitchen. They made sure to run samples up to us (we were stuck in the truck) and my god, their food just rocked. It was also fun to see how happy they were to be there- no jaded attitudes there- and it was also kind of hilarious to witness them getting more and more tipsy during the event.

For a nice photo-review of the evening, I recommend this article from Metromix. In the opening photo you can see the front of our truck on the left. Also please take a minute to read Donny’s post about the evening. It’s fun for us to hear his point of view.

The photo used above was taken by Alexis Tirado and I scraped it from Martha Stewart's website.

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