Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Today I filmed an appearance for a Japanese TV show called Waratte Koraete. In the tradition of great Japanese television programming it really didn't make any sense. The host is in NYC visiting various spots in Chelsea. He didn't know that he was going to come to my truck, and after visiting me he was on his way to a surprise pole-dancing lesson at Scores. It was like being trapped inside the "In Marge We Trust" episode of The Simpsons, better known as "Mr. Sparkle."

I was super happy that I had some good friends along for the bit. My coworkers Genevieve and Adny were my crew; Ms. Genevieve should get some camera time. My buddies Robyn and Erin were posing as humble ice cream shoppers, and before they knew it they were undergoing a da-da interview. 

Just to show how it all went, because words don't do it justice, here are some photos. My "crew," Genevieve and Adny, hug the truck floor on our ride into town.

Erin and Robyn are subjected to a confusing interview.

The host stood in a garbage can for a while.

A photo by Robyn: your ice cream man, confused by it all.

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