Friday, August 7, 2009

Too flabbergasted to think of a title

Look at what we're sandwiched between. "Real" news. Good lord. I need to wrap duct tape around my skull right now to keep it all intact!!!


  1. Wow, Doug – Saw you on facebook...and wrote a blogpost:
    Good luck with the ice cream and the duct tape...really like your blog, too! Monday 8/10 is going to be a big day for the GBICT, it sounds like. Best wishes for every success, including the bassoon!

  2. I had received a link about your truck on my FB page recently and then heard you on NPR today!! Wow! Congratulations Mr. Professional Bassoonist! Amazing how things work out when we approach life with a sense of humor and fun. :D

  3. Here's the NPR article- and the audio:

  4. Thank you for the link to the archieved NPR bit. I'll turn that into a post now.

    To all- thank you for your kind words.

  5. Congratulations on both the NPR story (I heard it online) AND the success of your new business venture! There's just one thing I wanted to know that NPR didn't ask... what MUSIC does the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck play???

    I'm posting an item about you in my blog,

  6. Seida, read my post about Jane Wiedlin. She has written a song, and shortly I'll have the bells programed to play it!

    Someone brought me a bacon-chocolate chip cookie today. Am I a lucky bastard???


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